Dotronix Driver

Dotronix Driver is a link between 2 domotica installations.
Teletask functions as the base system for lights, central heating, etc…
Control 4 acts as a base system for visualization, audio, video, multimedia, etc…

Teletask meets Control 4

Everyone ♥ Teletask and Control 4.
We connect them together to combine them into even better products!


Base system for light switches, automatic dimming of lights, remote control, central heating, etc..

Dotronix Driver

The ideal link between 2 systems to establish a good working integration.

Control 4

base system for managing audio, video and multimedia.

The benefits

The Dotronix driver offers the ability to let 2 reliable domtica system communicate with eachother.
By combining the unique features of Control 4 and Teletask, we can manage to custom fit it to your needs and reduce the costs.

Save money!

Offer competitive to end users

Save Time

Faster integration of new projects

Extra visualisation

The customer has an extra bse visualisation on Teletask

Easy programming

Spend 3 times less time compared to other systems

Not complex

No difficult programming challenges like some other systems

Remote assistance

Excellent service toward end users through remote support


The Dotronix driver is a product from years of cooperation between 2 trustworthy systems like Control 4 and Teletask.

Because of the need of an easy to implement link between these 2 domotica systems was relatively large in the ever expanding technological economy, Dotronix has answered the customers need by developing the Dotronix driver.

Because of this we can easier assist customers for a lower price and faster integration.

One driver for all!

Control 4 is a leader in integrating 2 domotica systems. The Control 4 App will control everything with just 1 application. Our Dotronix Driver IP is only needed one time per project so there is no need for additional license fees.


Read wat some of our customers have to say about our Dotronix Driver.

We have built a new care facility. Easy of use was a number 1 priority for us. That’s why the Teletask Aurus buttons were so interesting. With this interface it’s easy to see which light is currently on or not… They are also really easy to use for our care staff. To switch on the TV’s and other multimedia devices we have chosen Control 4 because in our opinion they had the most reliable product to offer for our situation. Thans to the Dotronix Driver IP we now have the ideal link voor a beautiful and complete integration for all available technology. Excellent work Dotronix! You have made our life just a little bit easier. Best regards Jan.

For us it was crucial that we could control all devices seperatly in every office space. The lights, music, security camera & video, alarm, etc… Also to be able to do this remotely was a definite must. The Dotronix Driver IP has made this possible by offering a link with Teletask. This also makes it easier for us for programming and makes it more cost efficient. Thank you Dotronix. Keep up the good work! Regards Tom.


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Creating a link with Teletask Bridge driver.

  • In composer Connections add the IP adress in the Teletask central
  • Enter the license code you have received from Dotronix
  • The operational mode should now say "Connected - Licensed"
  • The Teletask Bridge driver is now ready for use

Teletask Flag (Virtual flag)

  • When the Teletask Bridge driver has been setup fully, you can start implementing the Teletask Flag driver
  • Caution : Device adres has to be 0 (only the flag value has to be 0)
  • Device Port : This is the number that Teletask has assigned to the flag

Technical specifications

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Control 4

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Control 4 meets Teletask

Dotronix Driver

Version 1.0

€450 excl. BTWOnetime purchase

Dotronix Driver has been devoloped for and by installers to link Teletask and Control 4. That's why you can offer your customers a lower price and faster implementation

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Caution! The license of the driver is basd on the teletask serial number and the Control 4 MAC address. This has to be 100% correct.
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